Katsumi KOMAGATA was born in Japan in 1953. He worked in the NIPPON DESIGN CENTER. He moved to the US in 1977 and worked for CI program, package and graphic design at CBS and SCHECHTER GROUP in New York. In 1983, he returned to Japan and founded ONE STROKE in 1986. In 1992, Kaisesha published « LITTLE EYES » a series of 10 titles for children, which he started at his daughter’s birth. In 1994, a collaboration between ONE STROKE and LES TROIS OURSES starts through the development of exhibitions, workshops, distribution and publishing projects. In 2003 the book for visually deficient children was co-published by the CENTRE POMPIDOU, LES TROIS OURSES, LES DOIGTS QUI REVENT and ONE STROKE in 2003.
Received BOLOGNA RAGAZZI MENTION AWARD in 2000 & 2010. Also received GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2006 & 2007.

Mathilde discovered KOMAGATA’ s work while writing a study on tactile books. In 2009 she meets the artist in a tactile workshop at CENTRE POMPIDOU. She then goes to Tokyo and works at ONE STROKE.

In 2015 KUMO is honored to collaborate with KOMAGATA on the design of an umbrella.

“KOMA” is a unique design with birds that fly inside the umbrella on a beautiful geometric background. Limited edition to 20 pieces this umbrella is sold between France and Japan.

An umbrella that makes you travel!